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A hockey player is playing an ice hockey where as two hands are holding a hockey stick .

Ice hockey is..

Ice hockey is a fast-paced and exciting sport played on ice, known for its physicality and skill. It is popular sport in many countries around the world, particularly in North America and Europe. It requires not only physical skills such as skating and shooting but also strategic thinking and teamwork.

Playing ice hockey requires two teams of six players each., including a goaltender. The objective of the game is to score goals by shooting a small rubber puck into the opponent's net using a stick.

Ice hockey has several rules that govern gameplay. Some key rules include offside, icing, and penalties. Offside occurs when an attacking player enters the opponent's zone before the puck does. Icing is called when a player shoots the puck from their own side of the red center line and it crosses both the opposing team's goal line and end boards without being touched by another player. Penalties are given for various infractions such as tripping, slashing, or roughing.

The game consists of three periods, each lasting 20 minutes in professional play. If the game ends in a tie at the end of regulation time, overtime or shootout may be used to determine a winner.

Overall, ice hockey is an exhilarating sport that captivates fans with its speed, intensity, and skillful plays on ice.


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Meet The Coaches

Coach Beer (Arthit Thamwongsin)

(25G Team) 3-times Asian Winter Games competitor, Sea Games, and Challenge Cup of Asia(8 times). Over 15 years of coaching individuals and team experience. Focusing on Skate and skill practice. Develop their own individual tools(Smooth, Elastic, Powerful) Make the intensity in the action. Serious, strict and having clear goals for athlete development.

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Coach Mazato(Mazato Kitayama)

7 years of being national team athlete competed in Asian Winter Games, Sea Games, Challenge Cup of Asia, Olympic qualification, and World Championships.
Focusing on skating and skills from basic to advance. Individual tools (Quickness,toughness,smartness).
Need 100% of commitment and discipline plus smile to bring the players to the next level.

Details will be available soon.


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